“Out of My Range (and Other Age Related Performance Issues”

After our successful world premiere performance of Out of My Range (and Other Age-Related Performance Issues) at our spring concert, Re: Generations, it’s time to take our new commission on the road to GALA Festival in Denver, Colorado!

Rehearsals and social events leading up to their next concert serve as the backdrop for a whimsical, fun, and revealing look at the age dynamics at play inside a gay men’s chorus. This “backstage” song cycle pulls back the curtain on generational differences within a chorus:


The applause has barely faded, and the Chorus is already back at work on their next concert. Members old and young start the rehearsal process all over again (THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL) with new music and new members pushing the Chorus’s range as performers and as people.


We peek in at stops along a “Concert Preparation Period” and catch comedic and often revealing glimpses into the generational dynamics at play in everyday events of Chorus life: the vocal exercise that starts every rehearsal (WARMUPS), the advice directed at younger members (ODE TO MY TWENTIES), a chance recruitment of a new member (COME ON WITH US), the dilemma of concert promotion in the workplace (A SIMPLE SOLUTION), a “choir”-ography dance rehearsal (LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE), and the many facets of a simple weekend gathering (ANOTHER SOCIAL).


Despite some age-related challenges (DIFFERENCES), nothing is out of their range when the Chorus comes together to sing. Their diverse perspectives (30 YEARS AGO, a conversation) blend together in harmony to conquer the nerves of Opening Night (FINALE), with the Chorus growing a little bit better together.
Part Laugh-In, part A Chorus Line, and part Avenue Q, it will remind you that age is a state of mind and life does indeed get better.

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