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Metamorphosis is a recording of the Chorus’ latest commission which premiered in March 2004 at Ted Mann Concert Hall with the James Sewell Ballet. Recorded with a full orchestra one week after the concert premiere, Metamorphosis was written by Robert Seeley with music by Robert Espindola.

The recording includes all eleven movements of the piece plus the encore and two bonus tracks (To Where You Are and The Prayer, both made popular by Josh Groban).

Song List & Audio Clips

Below is the complete list of songs on this CD and links to download audio clips. Each clip is one minute long unless otherwise noted.

No. Title Download
1. Womb lo-fi
2. Lullaby lo-fi
3. Dialogue lo-fi
4. Picket Fences lo-fi
5. In My Dreams lo-fi
6. Kicked in the Gut lo-fi
7. It May Be lo-fi
8. Grace lo-fi
9. Tidy Endings lo-fi
10. If I Could Choose lo-fi
11. I Can Fly lo-fi
12. Encore: Legacy lo-fi
13. To Where You Are
14. The Prayer

Audio Help

Software: The audio clips are in MP3 format. Most MP3 players will play the clips without problems. Some common MP3 players are Windows Media Player for PCs and ITunes for Macintosh.

Audio Quality: These audio clips are compressed for delivery on the Internet. Because of this, the sound you hear online will not be CD-quality.

Troubleshooting: Some MP3 players, especially older versions, do not support MP3 streaming functions. You may wish to upgrade your audio program if you’re having problems.

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