LifeSongs: Live!

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Recorded live during the Friday, March 26, 2010 performance of “LifeSongs” at Ted Mann Concert Hall.

Featuring the song “Marry Us,” which the Chorus will be performing at its concerts and other statewide venues this season.

NakedMan (with the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra):

1] A Naked Man
2] There is No Loneliness Like This
3] O Disturbing Boy
4] The Dragon
5] I Come from Good People
6] 1878 – The Ballad of Mrs. Nash
7] I Take the World
8] Dishonorable Discharge
9] Pushed Down the Stairs
10] A Very Very Very Very Very Good Boy
11] If and When
12] Dance on Your Grave
13] Marry Us
14] Never Ever
15] My Church
16] Never Ever

17] Grateful (from “Urban Myths”)
18] Here’s Where I Stand (from “Camp”)

The Kushner Trilogy

19] It is Very Simple
20] There is a Little House in Heaven
21] I Want More Life


The “Marry Us” Campaign

Join the campaign! Order your “Marry Us” and “Marry Them” t-shirts!

The “Marry Us” and “Marry Them” t-shirts were introduced at our holiday and spring concerts and were a very popular item at our merchandise table. Show your support by learning more about the campaign and buying your t-shirt today!

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