Newly released in 2002, Angels features music that inspires, comforts, and reassures. The songs were recorded live at Ted Mann Concert Hall in Minneapolis during our 2000 and 2001 holiday concerts.

Song List & Audio Clips

Below is the complete list of songs on this CD and links to download audio clips. Each clip is one minute long unless otherwise noted.

No. Title Download
1. O Magnum Mysterium lo-fi | hi-fi
2. Duermete Mi Nino lo-fi | hi-fi
3. The Angel’s Blessing lo-fi | hi-fi
4. Esta Noche lo-fi | hi-fi
5. La Vergine Degli Angeli from La Forza del Destino
6. Prayer from Hansel and Gretel
7. Pachelbel’s First Noel lo-fi | hi-fi
8. Nativity Carol
9. Angels Carol
10. Monotone Angel
11. Night of Silence / Silent Night lo-fi | hi-fi
12. Over the Skies of Ysrael lo-fi | hi-fi
13. Do You Hear What I Hear? lo-fi | hi-fi
14. Love’s Gift lo-fi | hi-fi
15. With Harps of Gold

Audio Help

Software: The audio clips are in MP3 format. Most MP3 players will play the clips without problems. Some common MP3 players are Windows Media Player for PCs and ITunes for Macintosh.

Hi-Fi vs. Lo-Fi: Our Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi features allow you to “stream” MP3 files, or listen to the file without copying it onto your PC. Unless you have broadband Internet access like cable, DSL or better, we recommend that you stream in Lo-Fi. Hi-Fi requires more bandwidth than standard 56k or 28.8 modems can handle.

Audio Quality: These audio clips are compressed for delivery on the Internet. Because of this, the sound you hear online will not be CD-quality.

Troubleshooting: Some MP3 players, especially older versions, do not support the Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi streaming functions. You may wish to upgrade your audio program if you’re having problems.

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