The Marry Us Campaign


The MARRY US Campaign is a partnership between the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus and BD Portraits in collaboration with Minnesotans United for All Families to raise awareness and promote marriage equality for all!

Originally commissioned in 1995 by Dr. Stan Hill for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and written by Robert Seeley, the song “Marry Us” has taken on a new life with the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus (under the direction of Dr. Stan Hill) nearly 17 years later. The song’s straightforward demand for equality is summed up in its closing line: “Marry us today!”

Former Los Angeles celebrity & fashion photographer Brent Dundore (BD Portraits) has joined forces with TCGMC to create the “MARRY US Campaign.”

Brent states, “I lived in California and witnessed all of PROP 8. This is my way of fighting back here in Minnesota, and I hope everyone else realizes this campaign gives them a chance to show their face, and do the same.”

The combination of the TCGMC’s musical message and BD’s images create powerful symbols of love, friendship, community, and inclusion. It is the sincere hope of the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus and BD Portraits Photography Studio that this campaign inspires everyone to contact their legislature.

How do you get involved? Where is the next photo shoot? Visit and “like” the Marry Us Campaign’s Facebook page to stay up to date on the campaign. And view the photo shoot gallery on Facebook!

And learn more about how you can get involved at the Marry Us Campaign’s website.

View BD Portrait’s photocart to order a print of your photo – or view others!


The “Marry Us Campaign” Collection

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