Humans of TCGMC: Heinrich Remmel

Humans of TCGMC: Heinrich Remmel

41396052_10112492674591910_6257293598199382016_nThis week, our #HOTCGMC host Josh Elmore spoke with Heinrich Remmel, who reminded Josh that everything someone shares with an open heart represents their authentic self, long or short. Therefore, this week’s post will take a different format, which best reflects Heinrich’s personality – a minimalist who believes in expressing himself with simplicity…

On his personality: 

“It takes me a long time to come out of my shell.”

On music:

“I love analyzing music. I am a performer. PERFORMANCE! PERFORMANCE! I can be invincible. I can be a diva. I can be the version I wish I could be all the time. I’ve sung since I was 5 years old at my local church.

“I like to be different. I don’t like to be the popular one. I like to be an acquired taste – but a very deeply understood acquired taste.If I were famous rock musician, I wouldn’t want mass appeal. I would want a small, loyal following that really got the music.

“I think I like Black Sabbath because it’s just four guys laying out exactly what they want to talk about in plain, spoken words. You don’t even need the lyrics. They just warn you about what the world’s going to look like if we don’t love each other.”

On his father:

“He lives on through me – through all four of his kids in our relationships with each other.

On his philosophy:

“I am a person who needs to inject every single thing in my life with meaning. I don’t like things that mean nothing. It’s why I’m such a brief talker, and why I try to be a succinct speaker. I hate when I go on and on and on and think I’m boring people. I’m a minimalist. I try to distill everything from its BS and give you as clear a picture of myself and of my world as I can give.”

On black t-shirts (Josh claims he has never seen Heinrich without one):

“A few years ago, someone said all gays wear black v-neck t-shirts. I have a blue shirt, a white shirt, and a pink shirt and a lavender shirt, but I always end up wearing black ones on choir days… and also because they’re heavy metal!”

On this interview:

“Is this usable?”

Josh Elmore (he/him), singer and member of our small ensemble OutLoud!, created Humans of TCGMC in 2018. He graduated from Carleton College with a B.A. in Linguistics and has since worked in sales, higher education, and, most recently, as a bilingual insurance agent (Spanish). Endlessly curious, he has dabbled in improv theater, stand-up comedy, sword fighting, the cello, and modeling for fantasy-themed photo shoots.

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