Our Amazing Stories: Nicholas Johnson


“I first heard the Chorus when they came up and performed at the Weber Music Hall at UMD in April of 2005…


“I was a junior, and my roommate had received a ticket to go from his friend, as he was not able to make it. From the moment the Chorus came out onstage, I was entranced!

“Cut to two years later in August of 2007, when the Chorus was having auditions for their Holiday show that December. I had signed up at Pride to try out, but at the last minute, I got scared and did not go. I’m not sure how I got the courage to try out in January for the Spring show, but I showed up and auditioned! I thought I sucked and I was expecting an e-mail thanking me for coming, but not getting in. To my total surprise, the next day, I looked at my e-mail and saw that I had made it and I have never looked back since!!!

“I’m not sure just how much each and every one of you guys mean to me! I can’t wait for Tuesday night Rehearsals to come, so I can make beautiful music with 180+ fabulous, talented and gorgeous men!!!  Thank You to each and every one of you for making me feel so welcomed, supported and loved! I come each week because you all infuse me with more energy and happiness to last the rest of the week (and beyond!). May you know how cherished and treasured you are to me, and how grateful I am 7 and half years after my introduction to the Chorus on that sunny, Saturday Spring day in April, that I am now a part of a huge group of ‘Gay Men Building Community Through Music!’


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