Our Amazing Stories: John (Jack) Gburzynski


“My introduction to the chorus came by way of my life partner, Jon, who had been a chorus member for ten year five years prior to my deciding to join.


“I had the opportunity to take in both chorus rehearsals as well performances over those 5 years and needless to say I was very impressed. I took note of the way chorus members related to one another and their welcoming culture which seemed to be more like a brotherhood than a music organization. I also noticed how the chorus related to it’s audiences and vice versa and it seemed like this chorus was unlike some other musical chorus performances I had attended. Committing performances to memory was typically not what I witnessed from other choral performances. Undoubtedley, this practice had led to better musical performances, fine tuning of the music and a better relationship with their audiences.

“I am now starting my fifth season performing with the TCGMC. I have witnessed an ongoing increase in the number of new members joining the chorus. I have not lost enthusiasm for the chorus or it’s mission. My partner and I travel 130 miles each week for rehearsals and 4 times that distance for actual musical performances This does not include outreach performances which can tack on a lot and really indicates a sense of dedication and commitment to the organization.

“One last comment, I was totally impressed by the way the TCGMC Board and officers went about auditioning and selecting our new artistic director, Ben Riggs. They spent a lot of time thoughtfully ensuring that the chorus had the opportunity to select the right person for the job and gave chorus members final input into the process.”


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