Voices of the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus Podcast

How do we recognize 40 years of “singing for our lives”? Singing is about telling our story, and after 40 years, we have a lot of stories to tell. The chorus was born in the cradle of the AIDS epidemic, and is bookended by another sort of epidemic. There is a lot of sorrow and anger to tell, but also a lot of love, hope and perseverance. We hope that you will join us in recognizing why TCGMC still matters.

This project would not have come to be without the tireless work of our head interviewer/editor Steffie Fiore, and producer Kelsey Bruso. A huge thank you to them, and an invitation to share in our story. Enjoy!

Episode #1

Join our hosts talking with Scott and Matt about the need for a gay men’s chorus, and forty years of sharing our lives and stories through song. Spanning decades and generations, uniting in song, these singers talk about the moving connections the bond of shared voice builds.

Episode #2

We all take different paths: how does community impact the journey? Join our hosts, talking with Brent and Shawn, about journeys of recovery and discovery, and finding a joy to be who you are and Carry On

Episode #3

Join our hosts who chat with two educators, Jeremy Engen and Mike Whistler, about finding your joy, finding your tribe, and owning the words that hurt you.  The haunting Stars from our last public concert will also be on tap – even more moving now during our days of physical isolation.

Episode #4

Part 2 of our conversation with educators and TCGMC singers Jeremy Engen and Michael Whistler. Hear some topics and issues they want to sing about, enjoy a recent recording of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and learn about Jeremy’s commute to the Twin Cities from his home in St. Cloud, and Michael’s perspective as a recent transplant to the Twin Cities!

Episode #5

Join our hosts as they cover the chorus history with a singer who has been there for 33 years, David Anderson, and fabulous relative newcomer Brandon Sieck. Singing songs of remembrance and resistance from TCGMC’s concerts such as “Sticks and Stones” from I Am Harvey Milk by Andrew Lippa.

So grab your earbuds, listen in, and Carry On with us as we start our next decade.