Stories from Denver

We’ve been getting a lot of comments, feedback and notes from members of other Choruses who saw our performance of “Out of My Range (and Other Age-Related Performance Issues).” Here are just a few of those stories:

“GUYS: I was one of the lucky 2,600 in Denver (who got to see Out of My Range)! Your performance brought me joyous laughter and moving tears many times over. I was floored by the brilliance of the writing and your individual and group performances! You captured every important nuance of being in a Gay Men’s Chorus the past 30 years… LOVED IT!!! I’ve bought two copies already! THIS AND YOU WERE HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE MOMENT OF GALA, in a festival FILLED with AMAZING moments!!!”

“As an audience member from the North Coast Men’s Chorus (Cleveland), I loved your show. One of the things that was almost overwhelming about GALA, this being my first, was the realization of all the amazing creative energy and musical excellence going on all over the country. Your show was a prime example of that. Thank you for all you are doing. You are an inspiration, to say the very least! And good luck and best wishes as you look to a future without Dr. Hill.”

“What an incredible concert you gave us on Wednesday at GALA in Denver! Perfect music and staging–your sound was amazing! You delighted your audience!  Tackling the question of agism and being ONE voice. one group regardless of background struck a particular chord with me, being a BIG hugger of some of our ‘more seasoned members.’ – BIG HUGS from one member of the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus!”

“Hi! I’m from the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus, and I want to congratulate all of you on your “Out of My Range” performance at GALA. It was very funny, poignant, well-cast, and well-sung, and obviously (to those of us in the GALA audience) borne from experience! I thought it was daring and powerful to have the guys stand in age order. I loved the message of appreciating your fellow chorus members (“…we’ve got your back”). “Out of My Range” is the one CD I bought this year, and it’s bringing back so many of those great moments. Bravo!”

Most of the men of the Chorus were on two separate flights to Denver on the morning of July 7. On the second flight, passengers were entertained with an impromptu performance of “Walk Hand in Hand:”

“Thank you for the awesome performance on the plane ride to Denver! We hope everything goes well on Wednesday at the Opera House. It turns out…the drive from Aspen to Denver is 3 1/2 hours so we may not make it. The kids are bummed out. Good luck!”

Additional news from Denver:

TCGMC performed with San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus at a special concert honoring the commissions that have been created for the GALA movement over the past 30 years, and performed  “Out of My Range (and Other Age Related Performance Issues” to an audience of 2,600 at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. This performance of “Out of My Range” was Artistic Director Dr. Stan Hill’s final performance with the Chorus before his retirement.

Dr. Stan Hill was officially awarded the GALA Lifetime Achievement Award at a special reception with his friends, peers and colleagues. Stan was also named Conductor Laureate of San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus for his service as their Artistic Director prior to coming to the Twin Cities.

TCGMC’s ensemble OutLoud! performed Monday night at the Stage Theater to an incredibly enthusiastic audience.

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