Membership Dues

This page is for the payment of Membership Dues.

Chorus singing members, please use this page for paying for your dues online through our secure credit card payment service.

Pay Your Dues Online:

  • Choose ONE of the following dues payment options below.
  • Unless you are paying for more than one member, leave the quantity at “1.”
  • Click on “Pay Dues Now.” This takes you to your “shopping cart” on our secure online payment page where you can make changes to your dues information.
  • Choose another dues option and click “Pay Dues Now” to go back to your “shopping cart.”
  • Once you are ready to make your payment, click on “GO TO PAYMENTS” in your “shopping cart.”
  • You will be asked for your name, contact information and method of credit card payment.
  • If you need to include any additional information (for example, if you are paying for someone else’s dues), write this information in the Special Requests section.

Any questions? Call the Chorus Office at 612-339-7664.

Dues are now $75 for the spring CPP, and $135 if you want to pay for both Spring and Pride CPPs in advance ($75 for Spring, $60 early rate for Pride). 

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Making a partial payment? Other questions about paying dues?

Call the Chorus Office at 612-339-7664.