Our Amazing Stories

We asked our Chorus members to share their stories. Stories of coming out. Stories of acceptance. Stories of realization – that moment when they knew that life indeed was going to get better. For many of our Chorus members, it was joining the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus that made the difference. To help them come out. To help them realize self-acceptance. To help family and friends accept them. To make it easier for friends and family to remind our brothers that nothing had changed: they were still loved. Unconditionally.

We have joined forces with BD Portraits and the MARRY US Campaign to bring these stories to all of you in “Our Amazing Stories.”

In March 0f 2013, we published videos and text of “Our Amazing Stories” on our YouTube channel and on this page, leading up to our spring concert, “It Gets Amazing,” on April 5 and 6. “It Gets Amazing” featured the classic story “Oliver Button is a Sissy,” a story about the difficult experience of growing up and feeling different. It reminded us all about how far we have come and how far we have yet to go to embrace our differences and truly make it better.

View “Our Amazing Stories” on the “Our Amazing Stories” Playlist on our YouTube Channel.

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