NEW: Humans of Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

“Humans of TCGMC”

In the tradition of the popular Humans of New York and Humans of Minneapolis series, we are pleased to present Humans of Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus.

Humans of Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus is a project managed by the Chorus’s Marketing Committee of the Board of Directors, a group of board members and volunteer singers who have embraced this project as a way to share the stories of our singers, and, as a result, inform you about this internal community.

The purpose of Humans of Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus is to highlight the talents, strengths and experiences of our members in greater depth. In sharing these stories, we develop empathy and compassion towards our peers, and we demonstrate to the world the community we have created through music.

Humans of Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus is moderated by our singer, Josh Elmore.

Stories will be updated periodically. Please check back often!

GlennGlenn Olson
For our premier post, Josh Elmore spoke with Glenn Olson, who has sung with the Chorus since its second year. Glenn’s reflections on the history of the Chorus, along with the personal meeting he found through our Chorus family, is moving.